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Career Moxi

What is Career Moxi?

Career Moxi is a career management tool that leverages the power of Motivational Maps to help members truly understand what motivates them and how those motivators have a direct relationship to their job satisfaction and performance.

Career Moxi can get you started on the road to your dream job within 30 min of signing up.

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What is
Motivational Maps?

The science behind Motivational Maps is derived from Maslows's Hierarchy of Needs and Edward Shein's Career Anchors. This means that there is a lot of research that has gone into creating this tool and it shows - the test is incredibly accurate. It has scored at 95% accurate based on surveys of those that have taken the test in the past.

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Motivational Maps

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Career Moxi Membership is something for people that are serious about their careers. Life is too short to keep bouncing around until you find what you like. Find your dream job faster with Career Moxi.

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$60/yr Launch Special!

That works out to just $5 a month for career changing self awareness & advice around your personal motivators!

  • Access to your Career Moxi Portal which is filled with career advice and your monthly articles specifically based on what motivates you and how to keep yourself motivated in different situations.

  • Access to Exclusive Online Worldwide Career Moxi Events*, Seminars*and Networking* opportunities centered around various motivators.

  • Access to certified Motivational Map Practitioners world wide for remote one on one sessions*

Note *(additional fees may apply depending on the event or length of session)

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